Overview of the institute

What do you know about our Persian NGO?

In today’s super competitive world, according to the facts we face such as shortening of products life curve on one hand, and the speed of technology changes and world market demands on the other hand, as a prerequisite to achieve sustainable development, it is necessary to have a correct and up-to-date understanding of the living environment, countries cultures and conscious and immediate action according to it.

As the living environment of people in the world has consisted of two parts; exterior and interior environment, it is essential to pay attention to both parts systematically during the simultaneous environmental studies so that the existing problems and obstacles in one section do not prevent you from seeing problems in another.

Institute for Strategic Studies of Peace and Life is a social institution based on the target.

The structure of this institute is consciously designed and it has active and coordinated systems and it connects to the external environment.

The institute is a system, so it is influenced by surroundings. This environment (surroundings) is divided into two sections; exterior and interior. The existing factors in these two environments can be either a developer that result in the organizational excellence, or be a deterrent and lead to the organizational crisis.


Goals of Establishing the Institute

Organizational goals of the institute:

The following criteria are mentioned briefly that the institute believes they must be strengthened to create and nurture human beings to achieve a healthy life:

  1. Commitment to the rules of the country of residence: interested in moving towards a healthy life in peace.
  2. Social credit: in addition to having an active presence in society, people need to have social credit.
  3. Economic activity: people must have reliable economic activity and ideally anyone can be an entrepreneur.
  4. Necessary knowledge and insight: humans should be ready to encounter rules and regulations or functional system, to think, take an action in a timely manner and have felicity at specific times.

Business values:

Our agenda is based on our belief that the best days are not only over, but also lie ahead of us.

We focus more on the following policies:

  1. The provision and facilitation chain for the economic development of Islamic countries, especially related production and trade.
  2. The economy and international trade and investment
  3. Export development
  4. Free investment
  5. Reform of the rules
  6. Environment
  7. Improvement of the business climate
  8. Export
  9. Legal reforms, debt, deficit and bribery
  10. Infrastructures
  11. Energy
  12. The labor force (workforce), workers
  13. Training, the workforce competition
  14. Innovation, intellectual property
  15. Services, especially engineering services
  16. Sanitation and health
  17. Environmental protection
  18. Cyber security
  19. Support of the role of women in economic development
  20. Support of the role of youth in economic development
  21. Support of the small and medium enterprises
  22. Tourism
  23. Immigration and foreigners
  24. An approach to collective wisdom
  25. Free discussion


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Some institute members

Managers and staff of this institute
Mostafa Hesari
 Mohammad Mehrchian
Satar Kianpour