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way to it}.|Helping your {{child|kid} with his {homework|assignments}|{child|kid}} may not be as {simple|straightforward} as it appears.|It {provides|supplies|gives} your child with {a chance|an opportunity} {to succeed and {fail|neglect}|{fail|neglect} and to succeed}.} {It {gives|provides} parents {an opportunity|a chance} to {get|become} involved {in|with} {the {education|schooling} of {their|the} {children|kids}|{their|the} children’s {education|schooling}}.|{It {needs|has} to be {completed|performed|done} by the {child|kid} and turned {in|at} {the {next|following}|the} {day|moment}|Turned {in|at} {the {next|following}|the} {day|moment} and it {needs|has} to be {completed|performed|done} by the {child|kid}}.|It teaches {kids|children} how to {deal with|take care of|handle|manage} adversity.}|{{Personal {schools|colleges}|{Schools|Colleges} that are personal|{Schools|Colleges}} aim to {extend|expand} {a {focused|concentrated}|a} education for special needs {children|kids} that 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